"Gateway to Innovators from India and Europe using IPRs"

The European Patent Office recognises the importance of high-quality research on patent-related intellectual property (IP) matters to inform policymakers and facilitate sound business decisions in a context where intangible assets, innovation and IP rights have become pivotal in the economy. With this research programme, the EPO seeks in particular to encourage more academic research on the role of patents in the European economy and to promote the dissemination of research results.

The EPO Academic Research Programme provides financial support for rigorous research projects that set out to produce empirical evidence with relevant implications for policymakers and business in Europe.

The first annual call for projects offered a total of EUR 300 000 in patent research grants. Selected projects will be granted between EUR 20 000 and EUR 100 000 each.

The EPO may also offer assistance on a case-by-case basis, for example by sharing internal expertise or helping to organise project-specific workshops.

The call for projects is open to individuals and research teams based in a member state of the European Patent Organisation. In the case of cross-organisational co-operation, the proposal must be submitted and the project led by an individual or research team based in a member state of the European Patent Organisation.

Further information and how to apply.