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Genrobotic Innovations: Robotic exoskeletons

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GenRobotics is a robotic company specialized in powered robotic exoskeletons (robotic suit), RC Robotic Systems and Artificial Intelligence.The company was founded in 2015 by a team of passionate engineers in Robotics and Defense engineering.The successful works are G1 and G2.The core applications of these products are in Defense, Medical sectors, Construction sectors, Logistics & Warehouse human beings, weight lifting, material movement, etc.

Product Description

G1 is the first completed project in exoskeleton. It is a 10 ft. high robot that can be operated by an individual by placing himself inside; it’s a prototype of the technology than can be used for defense purpose, space application, weight lifting and anywhere that requires some extra power and protection.

G2 is the second completed project in exoskeleton.It provides a sensational feedback we will feel like the machine as an extension of the body.It is a battery-powered functional exoskeleton.. It can weigh up to 220 lbs without affecting the user. The user can lift up to 60kg with an effective force of 500g on him and can walk with ease.

Product Image

Development Phase

Genrobotics completed project G1 and G2. Now Genrobotics doing the research for the next level,Generation 2.5(G2.5) to develop an exoskeleton for using in Defense and construction industry. G2.5 completed its initial prototyping and now, in the phase of verifying engineering prototype. After finishing this phase, begin product design verification and piloting.

Also running Medical exoskeleton development in Taiwan at iFoundry with the collaboration of NTUT University of Technology).This project will help to support physically challenged people.

Another project named Bandicoot developing under Genrobotics for sewage cleaning and manhol e cleaning to remove the manhole deaths and entering into the manholes. The design phase of Bandicoot completed and currently on prototyping the product.

Intellectual Property

  • Patented idea of project G2, 'A system and method of maneuvering powered exoskelet on using mechanical and hydraulic feedback'.
  • Patent application filed for Project Bandicoot, “Semi automatic Sewage cleaning robot”

Success Stories

  • Won Kerala Innovation grant award of 1 Million INR in 2017.
  • Selected for Incubation by the iFoundry hardware Accelerator of NTUT (National Taipei University of Technology) Taipei, Taiwan, for developing project G2.5.
  • MOU Signed with Dr. Da-Sheng Lee, Director Of i- foundry Taiwan for collaborative development of Medical exoskeleton for disabled users.
  • Selected for ICMM 16 by American Society for Research in Robotics and Mechatronics held in Singapore.
  • Best paper presentation award from American Society for Research.
  • Published a research paper based on 'A system and method of maneuvering powered exoskeleton using mechanical and hydraulic feedback' in International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research (IJMER).
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