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Greenturn Idea Factory : Connected home space

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Greenturn Idea Factory (GIF) works in the connected home space. We develop hardware products that track several parameters of a premise and take autonomous ML-driven decisions to improve the overall efficiency of the occupants. GIF addresses all 4 aspects of a household – safety, security, convenience and energy efficiency.

Product Description

Greeniee, is an energy (electricity) monitoring product that could give real time energy consumption details and analytics-driven insights to the users and energy utilities.It is a single hardware that tracks the aggregate energy consumption of the premise, and the backend analytics on the cloud helps detect the appliance running at any given time. The data helps users identify potential energy guzzlers, leakages in circuits and also alerts users of possible appliance breakdown. This could enable preventive maintenance of appliances.

Product Image

Greenturn Idea Factory Product Image

Development Phase

Pilot deployment in progress, gearing up for launch by Jan 2018.

Intellectual Property

GIF has filed a patent for the whole system including hardware and software that works on the cloud. Another patent has been filed for the concept of Greeniee acting as a communication gateway for all components/sensors of a connected home. Following are the details given below: Application number : 201741009642 Reference Number/Application Type : E-101/6226/2017-CHE Title : A COMMUNICATIONS HUB FOR MANAGING/RELAYING UTILITY INFORMATION

Success Stories

  • Winner of Innovation Grant from Kerala State Electricity Board
  • Part of the FICCI delegation to US ( Texas and California ), in 2017
  • Attended TIECON, US in May 2017.
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