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Monday, 16 April 2018 12:03

Ideaforge: Unmanned aerial vehicles

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Ideaforge Technology was developed by a team of IIT- Bombay graduates in 2007. In collaboration with DRDO they came out with NETRA UAS which aims at high endurance hovering platforms and fixed-wing UAS platforms. The company is a leading provider of unmanned aerial vehicles to defence and homeland security establishments in India.

Product Description

Netra, ideaForge’s flagship product is a lightweight autonomous unmanned aircraft system (UAS). It is designed for rapid deployment and high-mobility for military and commercial operations. Netra is a short-range rotor-armed UAS comprising the capabilities of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) ability, quick deployment and hover and stare capability. Netra meets the military & civil requirements for low-altitude reconnaissance, surveillance, mapping and target acquisition applications. It can be operated with manual assistance or programmed for autonomous operation, utilizing the system’s advanced avionics and GPS navigation. Netra falls under the micro UAV category and is man-portable, which can be launched from a small area and made to fly over the area of interest at a height up to 500m AGL. It is equipped with High Resolution day-light/thermal camera with a pan/tilt and zoom to facilitate real-time color or thermal imagery to ground control unit (GCU) for real-time surveillance and intelligence gathering capability. The zoom-in camera can identify human activity up to 500 m away, and can send live video feed of objects within a radius of 5 km. Netra can be launched in minutes from anywhere without any elaborate support facilities. It can even be launched and recovered in ships, boats and vehicle roofs. Automated features and GPS technology make it simple to operate, requiring no specialized skills or in-depth flight training.

Product Image

Ideaforge Product Image

Intellectual Property

Number of patents filed in India: 9

Success Stories

Leaders in the small UAV segment in India. Their UAVs were used by the Indian Army to look for survivors after the Uttarakhand floods in 2013, to collect positions of militants during defence operations, for disaster management during the Nepal earthquake, and to manage crowds during the Kumbh mela. Their other clients include BSF, CRPF, Gujarat Police, Maharashtra Police, NDRF, Research & Development Establishment.

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