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Wednesday, 22 November 2017 11:57

Indian Online Services & Filing

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e-Filing of Patents

In order to ease the process of filing patents in India, the Indian Patent Office(IPO) has introduced e-filing patent services. With the introduction of ‘Comprehensive E-filing’, the process of filing patents has become more user-friendly and relatively faster. Filing of patent application online is simpler, faster and a more cost-effective means.

For e-filing, applicant / agent must have a digital signature. For the first time, applicant / agent has to register as a new user and has to create login ID and password on the Patent office portal. A preliminary Software (Client Software) has to be downloaded from the above-mentioned site and has to be installed on the host computer. With the help of said software, an XML file gets generated and all the relevant documents (i.e. Form 1, Form 2, Form 3, etc.) in soft copy have to be uploaded. An Application number and CBR receipt gets generated after successful uploading. Major objectives and purpose of providing the facilities of e-filing is to save time and other hazards to protect the priority date of Application and time line to enter into National Phase Application, Patent of Addition and Divisional Application within time frame, in case of last moment instruction from applicant to agent. The applicant / agent will receive the filing receipt and CBR immediately after acceptance of Application in the software, with Patent Application number, date and time of filing.

Directly browse the link below to file patent online

Manual for e-filing

Manual for e-filing is athe guide to provide information about how to file a patent online in an exact and correct manner. The online manual explains step by step procedure to be followed while filing a patent online. The link below provides detailed information about the same.


Online Services Provided by IPO

Indian Patent Public Search

Indian patent public search is the platform which provides extensive search across the entire range of existing Indian patent database. Patents contain a lot of information and this huge information is a source for various technological and competitive insights. Companies use patent information to gain strategic advantage, as patents are an important source of technological intelligence.
The link given below navigates you directly to the Indian patent database search named In PASS.


Dynamic Patent Utilities

Under Dynamic patent utilities service, a user is able to browse information about existing patents in the database such as expired patents, First examination Report (FER) etc.

The following link provides details about specific information about patents.


Patent Journal

The Official Patent Journal of the Indian Patent Office is published by the Controller every Friday on a weekly basis covering various proceedings on patents according to the provision of Section 145 of the Patents Act 1970. The Journal contains information about all the activities related to patents such as publication of all the patent applications after 18 months period, grant of patents and all other information in respect of the proceedings undertaken at patent office as required under the provisions of the Patents (Amendment) Act, 2005 and Rules (as amended upto date).

For further information: http://www.ipindia.nic.in/journal-patents.htm

Other Services related to Patents

  • The Controllers' Decision : The decision regarding proceedings and hearing against specific patent application can be viewed under this section. 
  • Cause List for Hearing Cases of All Location: This new facility which is introduced with the recent amended rules 2016, facilitates hearing through video-conferencing or audio-visual communication devices.
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