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Do you need to know how much your patents are worth?

The market for IP rights is not always clear, since neither the buyer nor the seller have any incentive for publishing the details of an agreement. It is therefore difficult to find examples of previous contracts to use as a comparative basis and source of inspiration when you want to trade rights. Similarly, it is difficult to determine what is for sale, who is interested in buying, and, last but not least, for what price the rights are being sold. To make it easier for businesses to license and sell IP, this page presents the most common valuation models, and also gives an insight into the factors affecting the value of your rights.

Start by evaluating your IP

When you want to set a price for IP rights, you should always obtain a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses. The Danish Patent and Trademark Office has developed the tool IP Evaluation, which you can use to evaluate your patents, trademarks and designs. IP Evaluation helps you to find the best arguments for the sum you want to achieve when you market your IP. The tool is free of charge and gives you a report which describes the worth of your IP as a score, together with an overview of what aspect you can best address to increase your score.

IP Evaluation has been developed especially for people who want to trade their rights. However, the tool can also be used in other situations, e.g. when your business wants to create a strategy for your IP.

The tools and models on these pages are all designed to help you to prepare for a meeting with an IP consultant.

Inventor's handbook

This handbook provides basic guidance on all the key stages of turning an invention into a commercial product.

Fact Sheet on IP valuation

The European IPR Helpdesk has developed a new fact sheet where the different methodologies will be explained and examples of scenarios of possible use of these methodologies are given. Different tools have been created by public organisations to assist companies performing valuations. These free tools will also be presented in this document to help you save time and money. The fact sheet can be downloaded here.

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