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IPR Facilitation Centres

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Europe-India IP Facilitation Forum

EBTC’s Europe-India IP Facilitation Forum is promoting the use of patents and patent information, improving access to the respective patent systems, building capacity in the use of patent information, and is establishing a stable and multi-layered IP framework by means of the EBTC-EPO cooperation agreement. Hence, EBTC’s tailored services are targeted at European companies from various sectors entering the Indian market, and who are striving to build a presence in the market. EBTC is instrumental in helping innovators, especially Small and Medium Enterprises, to protect their valuable intellectual assets and inventions in India.

The Europe-India IP Facilitation Forum aims to strengthen the existing IP ecosystem and thereby bring about more transparency therein for an enhanced IP value chain. Further, the Forum acts as a single point of contact for all IP-related matters for European SMEs.

Thereby, the Europe-India IP Facilitation Forum helps European and Indian innovators to leverage the patent services such as Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches, patent drafting, and patent prosecution, technology landscapes, etc. EBTC can help innovators by offering the following services at reasonable rates:

  • Freedom to Operate searches
  • Patent application filing
  • Patent landscape analysis
  • IP filing, e.g. Copyright, Trademark, IC Design Layout, landscape report, etc.

What is more, the Forum is embedded in EBTC’s key programmes and thereby achieves to address IP-related bottlenecks and market access issues by means of selected activities under the European Patent Office (EPO) – EBTC Work Plan as well as frequent consultations with Invest India, an official partner of EBTC.

European IPR Helpdesk

The European IPR Helpdesk is a project funded by the European Commission under the current Horizon 2020 programme that supports cross-border SME and research activities to manage, disseminate and valorise technologies and other Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and IP assets at an EU level. Offering a broad range of informative material, a Helpline service for direct IP support and on-site and online training, the European IPR Helpdesk's main goal is to support IP capacity building along the full scale of IP practices: from awareness to strategic use and successful exploitation. This strengthening of IP competencies focuses on EU SMEs, participants and candidates in EU-funded projects, and EU innovation stakeholders for an increased translation of IP into the EU innovation ecosystem.

Whether you need personal support on a specific IP issue, want to be informed about the latest developments in the world of IP and Innovation in Europe, or are interested in a training session on IP – the European IPR Helpdesk is the right partner to turn to.

At a glance, the European IPR Helpdesk provides the following services – all of them are offered free of charge:

  • Helpline: Register on the European IPR Helpdesk website, or get in touch via phone or fax to receive support on your specific IP issue from a team of experienced legal specialists within no more than three working days.
  • Newsletter & Bulletin: Subscribe to the European IPR Helpdesk email newsletter and Bulletin to keep track on latest developments in the field of IP.
  • Online Library: Download fact sheets, case studies, guides and informative materials from an extensive online library.
  • Training & Events: Sign up to free webinars, or meet the team at training events and conferences.

Centre of Excellence in IPR

Towards creating a conducive infrastructure for creation of IPR eco-system, Centre of Excellences in IP set up at MeitY, New Delhi and C-DAC Pune are providing a gamut of value added IPR related services to academic institutions, scientific societies of MeitY, SMEs, start-ups and independent inventors.

Services offered by the centre are:

  • Prior Art Search
  • Invention Analysis
  • Responding to IPR Related Queries
  • Patent Alerts

For more information visit here.

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