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Friday, 01 December 2017 11:33

PerfectFit Systems: 3D Body scanning system

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PerfectFit Systems is a startup recognized by the Startup India program body scanning systems for the Fashion and Healthcare industries technology in 2015 and launched the beta version in June India. Perfit 3D fashion solution currently doing pilot run in various locations in India and is considered for the India Project (Govt. of India).

Product Description

The Perfit Fitness system 3D scans a user and analyses their body metrics and limitation of motion of their joints to recommend exercises and rehabilitation schedules which is further approved by a trained doctor. The system also monitor the user's performance and improvement using real-time 3D scanning.

The Perfit Fashion system 3D scans the user to generate their body measurement which is then used to automatically cut apparel patterns from a fabric sheet. The Perfit Maker system assi fraction of the time taken by conventional manufacturing techniques. The virtual trail room system in the Perfit Fashion system displays the customer in the particular apparel of his choice in real time before production is started thereby reducing return rates and improving customer satisfaction.

Product Image

Perfectfit Systems

Development Phase

Beta Testing and Early Revenue

Intellectual Property

  • Two Patent are filed and pending-USA and India.
  • One Patent is being filed this month

Success Stories

  • Top 3 Startups from Kerala at the TIECON 2017, USA
  • TTop 5 Kerala Startups - BPCL Startup Challenge
  • National PRISM Award Winner, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India
  • Top 3 Startups - Seeding Kerala 2017
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