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Sastra Robotics Pvt. Ltd: Robotic arms specialized for automating Human Machine Interface (HMI)

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Sastra Robotics is a 3-year-old startup based in Cochin, India, manufacturing industrial robotic arms specialized for automating Human Machine Interface (HMI)testing.Since 2009, the core team has been involved in creating significant robotic products and solutions, consistently delivering excellence to an expanding clientele that includes names such as BOSCH, HCL, Honeywell and Audience. Apart from the in-house researches, the company has also established channel partners and re- sellers around the globe: Coroware Robots in the USA, Dongbu Robots in South Korea and Cyberbotics in Switzerland, AJ Infinity in Malaysia. Till now Sastra has connected more than 87 companies in India, TATA ELXSI and ETAS are now interested for a sales partnership in device testing robots.

Product Description

SR-SCARA-Pro is our maiden product, a lightweight SCARA robot arm customized for the HMI(Human Machine Interface including touch screen, buttons, keys and knobs) testing automation. SR-SCARA-Pro is built to save time and money alongside the improvement in accuracy and efficiency of real device testing. It can reach speeds more than 800 touches per minute.A typical manual testing cycle consisted of two people for 3-7 days. But by using our solution the client was able to do the same in less than 1 day and with a 2 to 3-hour test cycle coding. It’s only a single application of SR-SCARAPro. With vision feedback and AI our robot can interact with devices just like a human. Something we noticed:- With our robot Robert BOSCH delivering their projects 3 times faster with a considerably small team, thus beating their competition by a very noticeable gap. As so far we received 4 set of Purchase Orders from BOSCH, 5th one is processing and we are expecting the 6th one for 5 units within 3 months for their USA office. HCL is planning to reduce 10% of human resource from a particular project using our robots.

Product Image

Sastra Robotics Product Image

Development Phase

Robert BOSCH is our first and recurring client from the automotive industry, since 2014 they are using our robots for car infotainment system testing. In 2014 this product was put through continuous and rigorous testing by Robert Bosch at their Coimbatore lab. The product was then purchased in 2014 and later it was re- ordered in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Beside Robert BOSCH clients,HCL, Honeywell and Audience are purchased also lot of other industrial leaders, including Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, TCS, TATA ELXSI, Qualcomm, Panasonic, etc. are also interested in our products. So we are trying to optimize this generalized testing platform for the international market entry.

Intellectual Property

We have the patent pending for a touch screen testing robotic arm (complete patent filed in 2016 under PTC). Also we have a professional patient for a robotic gripper that can mimic human hand capabilities.

Success Stories

  • Winner of Humanitarian Robotic & Automation Technology Challenge 2016 at Sweden (organized by Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), ICRA Sweden.
  • Best Startup Award 2016 from Kerala Chief Minister Mr. Oommen Chandy.
  • The Entrepreneur of the Year-2016 Award from TiE Kerala.
  • Head-start Hardware startup Award Cochin-2016 for the most promising hardware startup of Kerala.
  • Winner of TiE 50 Award-2017 from TiE, Silicon Valley ( An award, recognizing the world’s most innovative tech startups by TiE Silicon Valley).
  • Kairali-People Innotech Award 2017 from Kerala Kairali-People TV Sastra
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