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Friday, 01 December 2017 11:31

SectorQube Technolabs: Smart cooking devices

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SectorQube is an internet of things start-up that employs the technology in the consumer durables domain. SectorQube creates smart cooking devices that make cooking simpler and easier. Our mission is to create products to solve life problems. We have industry leaders like Godrej Appliances and IFB appliances as our clients. The company was formed by 6 friends (Nibu Alias, Sabarish Prakash, Ani Abraham Joy, Arjun S, Biniyas VL, Midhun Skaria) from college, in October 2011. Nibu Alias is the CEO of the company and there a total of 20 members in the team right now.

Product Description

Rotibo is an automatic roti maker that can cook fresh and healthy rotis. The user only needs to put in flour, water and oil and choose the number of rotis. Rotibo has reached engineering prototype stage now. Rotibo is a patent pending product in India. The company intends to go to market with this product by mid-2018.

Product Image

Development Phase

The engineering prototype of the product has been completed. We are now working on the pre-production prototype to go for customer testing.

Video of present prototype - https://goo.gl/WwBctD

Intellectual Property

1. Provisional patent filing for Rotibo.


Indian Patent Application No. TEMP/E

2. The number allotted to this Indian patent application is 201641001125.


A device for automatically making flat shaped edibles.

3. The number allotted to this Indian patent


A system, apparatus and a method for kneading dough and optimizing the consistency of dough.

4. The number allotted to this Indian Patent application is 201741030910


Platen apparatus and method to cook dough products using a combination of convection and conduction method of heating.

Success Stories

  • Raised $123,920 from Kick starter, the crowd funding platform, for the first product MAID, the smart oven.
  • Licensed the first product, MAID Oven, to IFB Appliances
  • Awarded for being one the five “Most Promising Startups of the State” by Kerala in 2016.
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