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Friday, 01 December 2017 09:51

Starbru Technologies: Tactical Visual Wireless Data Module

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Starbru Techsystems Pvt. Ltd. is a team of professional youngsters (under mentoring of experienced industry delegates & Govt. association) of enthusiastic technocrats dedicated for Research & Development of Innovative Embedded products with prime focus on Defence sector. Starbru serve Industries and Individuals with their customized requirements in embedded technologies and to fulfill their imaginations and expectations. Our solution provide easy access to non-voice communication i.e. data communication including live transmission of texts, files, images, chats etc.

Patent: (01 IP published)

TVWDC (Tactical Visual Wireless Data Card)


The Tactical Visual Wireless Data Module (TVWDM) is an subsystem module (relevance to advancement) for military radio-sets that enables transferring of encrypted data, i.e., files (PDF, Word, txt etc.), Live Snapshots, images and chat seamlessly over the existing Secured Radio Network even while they are moving between locations by using portable devices similar to mobile phones or tablets without using any GSM/CDMA or Internet technology. Tactical Visual Wireless Data card consists of two parts:

1) Visual Operational Unit (VOU):

This part of TVWDC is in the hand of user and it act as interface device b/w user and Data Operational Unit (DOU). With the help of this device, user can feed the data which can be text, chat, image or files and transfer it to data operational unit wirelessly. Also user can click image and transfer.

2) Data Operational Unit (DOU): 

This part of the TVWDC is attached to Army radio set via 26pin auxiliary cable.   The device act as external interface to radio set b/w VOU device and radio set. This part receives the data coming from VOU and passes it to radio set. This module can be once attached and easily screw up to the radio set. 

Status of the Product/ Solution: 

The product TVWDC is successfully tested and more than 70 units have been sold to various divisions of Indian Army. Till date revenue of around 60 Lac has generated from the sale of the product.

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