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Friday, 01 December 2017 10:28

UnivLabs Technologies Pvt Ltd

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UnivLabs Technologies has incorporated in 2015 and having expertise in development of healthcare products/ devices like electronic endoscope medical device, micro drug delivery devices like insulin pump, robotic surgery, orthopedic, cardiovascular tools and implants. 

Patent: (02 IPs filed)

1. Innovative Syringe for use in Insulin Patch Pump 

2. 3D Endoscope Camera 


UnivLabs has designed new type of syringe which is 30% smaller in length compared to traditional syringe but carries the same volume of medication. This syringe has no outside plunger and the valve instead of being attached to plunger, moves over an inward shaft inside the syringe barrel. UnivLabs has designed this syringe to create Insulin Infusion Pump which is also called Insulin patch pump.  Since insulin patch pump is a wearable device it’s size is one of the most important factor which decides its acceptability. 

UnivLabs has designed a 3D endoscope camera design which needs smaller size incision on body compared to the existing one With UnivLabs design bigger sensors can be inserted in lesser diameter trocar or endoscope. With UnivLabs design the camera space is freed after insertion and expansion in body, leaving the way for other tool insertion. It is also assumed that it may lead to reduced incision in body for similar outcome surgeries. 

Status of the Product/ Solution: 

The products are ready and testing of these products is going on. The endoscope is capable in crating of import substitutes of the 85% of the import of endoscope.

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